Sunday, September 2, 2007
Update today is Sept 2
We finished up in Kunming. We enjoyed experiencing the true culture of that city, one which we will always remember as where Mia was born and spent her first nine months. (resting up to keep up with Stephen and Jacob) The city of Spring was beautiful and the weather was good. We had to really adjust to alot but it was a cultural experience. We have a DVD, pictures, and many stories. Any adoptive families who are getting ready to go to me so I give you the scoop. We flew safely to our next stop..Guangzhou. We drove about 45 minutes from the airport to the hotel. The highway was lined with flowers and trees. I cant describe how pretty the drive was. In the car our guide reviewed our paperwork and told us about Guangzhou. There are about 10 millon people and it is hot and humid. The White Swan is truly a 5 star hotel. We have a beautiful room and the lobby is two levels with a waterfall and the bigest pond full of coy. There are 2 pools, 8 resturants and many many stores. The view from one side of the hotel is the Pearl River about 10 feet to it actually. We walked around the hotel yesterday and today we walked around town. We did some shopping. Paul did alot of shopping. We had a drink at Starbucks. The building are old and beatiful and the streets are lined wiht beautiful flowers. The hotel and stores cater to adoptive families and there are many families here with new children. IT is fun to eat breakfast just to see all the new families. We have to take Mia for her doctors appointment tomarrow. She gets a physical and any shots needed. On Tuesday is our Consulate appointment. Acutally our guide goes for us while we wait by the phone to get any questions phoned to us. If all goes well and it will we will be at the US consulate on Wednesday afternoon for the ceremony. Mia will be a US citizen and we get her get her visa stamped in her passport so she is free to come home with us. We will be home on Thursday afternoon. Mia worn her first dress today. She got her first traditional chinese outfits. We also received our gift from the hotel. Going Home Barbie, it is a traditional barbie holding a beautiful asian baby. A special gift only to White Swan guests who are adopting.
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