Monday, April 16, 2007
Still Waiting
We continue our wait for our referral. May is not likely. In early April the next group of people recieved referrals. We had hoped and expected (based on prior patterns) for May, but now who knows. The referrals are given out based on the date your paperwork was logged into the China Adoption Program. Some dates have a handful of people and other dates have hundreds. China has matched referrals through Oct 26, 2005. We are logged in (LID) 11/11/05. We have only 16 days between us and our referral. In mid May we hope referrals will be sent out again to more families. The more dates they go through the closer we get. Referrals come our about every 35 days (not quite every month). The referrals in a set have varied from 2 days (APril) or as many as 15 days (rare). I WILL POST THE NEW DATES EACH MONTH AS WE ARE TOLD. So we wait and wait for that referral. After we get the referral then wait for travel approval and appointments to be scheduled in China. From referral to travel is an approximate 8 weeks wait. Then we will be in China. I will use this website to post any updates.


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