Tuesday, September 11, 2007
We are home. I know it has been almost one week. The time change and jet lag has been a struggle for all of us especially Mia which means we are up with her at night. Mia is doing great. She was overwhelmed the first night with the house and her brothers. Her brothers are crazy about her. They are helpful, attentive, and afraid if she makes the slightest noise. They needed two days of reassurance that she was staying forever. I think Mia was like show and tell at school on Monday they were very excited for her to meet their teachers. Mia seems adjusted to our home and has done well with most of the visitors. I will look forwarding to posting some more pictures for her at home soon.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2007
We are coming home
A plane took us to Kunming 2 weeks ago and tomarrow we wake up to board a plane to take us home. The concept of us has changed much in the last two weeks. We want to thank everyone who has supported us on this journey. From the support of family and friends in acceptance of this very adventure to the multiple fundraisers to the ongoing encouragement over 3 years. There were so many people invovled in this we could not name everyone. We want to thank those who cared for Stephen and Jacob...we miss them terribly, but it helped to know they were in good hands. We did not know how this journey would go, but we did believe in how it would end. We come home with a journey to Mia ending, but the new beginning of our expanded family. We are happy to have so many wonderful people in our lives and the lives of our children. We look forward to many of you meeting our newest edition. Thank you for taking this journey with us. Our final task in China was to take the picture of Mia on the red couch in the White Swan hotel. For those of you who did not know... it is a tradition of families to photograph their adopted daughters on a red couch in the lobby of the White Swan hotel...some parents even come from other hotels to do this. Unfortunately, our travel partner..Tessa was not able to be photographed but we will post a picture of our travel group to make up for it. We cant wait to be home Love, Ann Marie Paul and Mia
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US Consulate Done!
All the paperwork is done. Yesterday they reviewed our paperwork and today we went to the ceremony at the US Consulate. We saw friends of ours from home. They have a beautiful daughter too. We have enjoyed Guangzhou. The food has been excellent. We all became shoppers. He found a Starbucks so Paul was thrilled. We stayed in a beautiful 5 star hotle with amazing food and amenities..the best part was lounging around our room and enjoying our time with MIA.--{{{{Sorry I just realized this did not post while we were in CHINA but there were pictures so I am posting it now}}}}
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Grandma & Mia
We were fortunate to have Paul's mother travel with us. She and Mia hit it off and have become friends. She even got to babysit one night so Paul and I could celebrate.
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Sunday, September 2, 2007
White Swan hotel
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Pictures of Mia
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Update today is Sept 2
We finished up in Kunming. We enjoyed experiencing the true culture of that city, one which we will always remember as where Mia was born and spent her first nine months. (resting up to keep up with Stephen and Jacob) The city of Spring was beautiful and the weather was good. We had to really adjust to alot but it was a cultural experience. We have a DVD, pictures, and many stories. Any adoptive families who are getting ready to go to Kunming...email me so I give you the scoop. We flew safely to our next stop..Guangzhou. We drove about 45 minutes from the airport to the hotel. The highway was lined with flowers and trees. I cant describe how pretty the drive was. In the car our guide reviewed our paperwork and told us about Guangzhou. There are about 10 millon people and it is hot and humid. The White Swan is truly a 5 star hotel. We have a beautiful room and the lobby is two levels with a waterfall and the bigest pond full of coy. There are 2 pools, 8 resturants and many many stores. The view from one side of the hotel is the Pearl River about 10 feet to it actually. We walked around the hotel yesterday and today we walked around town. We did some shopping. Paul did alot of shopping. We had a drink at Starbucks. The building are old and beatiful and the streets are lined wiht beautiful flowers. The hotel and stores cater to adoptive families and there are many families here with new children. IT is fun to eat breakfast just to see all the new families. We have to take Mia for her doctors appointment tomarrow. She gets a physical and any shots needed. On Tuesday is our Consulate appointment. Acutally our guide goes for us while we wait by the phone to get any questions phoned to us. If all goes well and it will we will be at the US consulate on Wednesday afternoon for the ceremony. Mia will be a US citizen and we get her get her visa stamped in her passport so she is free to come home with us. We will be home on Thursday afternoon. Mia worn her first dress today. She got her first traditional chinese outfits. We also received our gift from the hotel. Going Home Barbie, it is a traditional barbie holding a beautiful asian baby. A special gift only to White Swan guests who are adopting.
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