Monday, August 27, 2007
We have Mia
This day has been amazing. We let the hotel at 8:30am to meet Mia. We walked into the governmental offices and she was sitting with a caretaker on chair. She came right to me. Then went to Paul. She has hardly cried. She is in 9 month clothes with a little room to spare. She can sit up on her own and scoot around. She ate great at lunch and dinner. There was not schedule given to us, so we are just winging it. While waiting for paperwork to get done she fell asleep in my arms. We spent the afternoon in the hotel just playing. She just sat up slowly we got her scooting crawling and pulling herself up to standing. I can only share the facts because my emotions are in overload. We are having some difficulty posting pictures but I am working on it.
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