Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Introducing....Our Mia Yuan Fang Wu born 11/28/06. She was found on 12/3/06 and brought to the police station and determined abandoned. I dont like that word though. She is now 7 1/2 months although the pictures we have are at about 3 months. She was determined healthy at the last medical report done 3/7/07. Her development was described as age appropriate. She is grabbling objects and plays with her hands. She like toys that lightup and make noise. They were honest and said she cries often but is easily settled by being held. She lives in the city of Kunming at an orphange described as good. I will post some pictures when I can. When the pictures came..I waited to open the envelope until I talked to Paul. He did not return my calls all I waited more. Finally when I got ahold of him I opened the envelope with the boys. Jacob was jumping up and down and trying to help me shuffle papers looking for the picture. Stephen covered his eyes and kept saying I cant wait tell me when to look- and I cant believe this. SO they were priceless. I emailed Paul the picture to see too. THe boys and I went to show the Grandmas. It has been an exciting week. I will try to post the pictures...remember I am still learning this blogging thing. What now you ask...We wait for travel approval from China 4 to 6 weeks then we go. The best guess is last week of Aug or early Sept. I will keep posting.
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